Glass Lab


A fusion of art and science, by scientists

At the WTCCB we run an innovative project using fused glass to portray our research.

Research scientists are creative people and in the glass lab they have the opportunity to describe their research using beautiful glass. We create glass pieces that can be used architecturally on walls in buildings, but most often the glass is used at our public engagement events.

The public really love the glass pieces we make, they are colourful, tactile and beautiful. The glass allows us to start good conversation with the public about our research.

All queries for these should be directed to:

Sarah Keer-Keer

A dividing cell, at the moment of intercision, when the cell membrane is cut. The proteins involved in intercision are tagged with a pink GFP. Based on work by Eric Schirner’s lab.

A dividing yeast cell, showing a central spindle in green. Based on work by Ken Sawin’s lab

Fused glass created by the Welburn lab being used with the public at Hong Kong Science Festival

A dividing cell in mitosis. The condensed chromosomes are seen in pink, with the microtubules show as lines that are pulling the chromosomes apart and the spindle poles are in blue/ green. Based on work by Bill Earnshaw’s lab.

A bacteriophage, a type of virus that infect bacteria. The DNA can be seen inside. Bacteriophages have been fundamental to molecular biology research.


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