Life Through a Lens


Workshop for schools

Bringing Cell Biology to life

Taking a dramatic approach to science is helping cell biologists inspire school children.

The latest workshop for school children from Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Edinburgh involves many of the senior scientists dressing in period costume and wigs.

It can be hard to get cell biology across to children. We decided to use acting and story telling to bring the subject alive. The response was been tremendous, in November 2011 we had 16 slots for schools, and 45 schools applied.

In the play, the children meet four scientists from history and each one has a theory. The children demand that the scientist prove their theory, shouting ‘prove it’ enthusiastically. The scientists then help the children to perform their own experiments to prove or disprove the theory. The play ends with a modern day scientist talking about their current research.

The Wellcome Trust is a major funder of the Centre for Cell Biology

Drop-in days for the public

November 2015, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Each year we will return to the John Hope Gateway, royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, for the first two weekends in November, 7/8 & 14/15 November 2014 (12.30-4pm). Visitors will all have the chance to use a microscope, meet our scientists and discuss the work of current and historical scientists.

All queries for these events should be directed to:

Sarah Keer-Keer